Montag, 30. September 2013

Ebbelwei Express - No way out

Bäääääääm! My first Time. Yeah! Amazing. More than eight years living in Frankfurt it was my first Time in this colorful Ebbelwei Express. I have often seen it and I wished to take a ride with it. But I was sort of afraid what would happen then. Big loud german music? Many demanding Tourists laughing and shouting each other - and then: Ebbelwei (Cider)? I really like Frankfurt, it´s my new Hometown - yeah, I learned to love this City. It´s not easy but it´s possible, you have to know. Lately I found myself to be even local patriotic. But Ebbelwei? - no, I don´t think so. There are a lot of drinks that I like very much more. :-) ... But why Ebbelwei Express after this long time?
Do you know that? You are living in a town and you think at the beginning: so, I have to set up my apartment, I need to aclimate at work - and then I can visit this and that. But ... There is so much Time to do it. So I do it later. And so you never do it. You visit Berlin and you know every fucking church and boutique there but you never took a ride with the Ebbelwei Express, you never visited the near Odenwald and such things. You don´t know Frankfurt. And then there is a visitor from another country, a very nice jewish American with Italian roots - who loves Frankfurt cider (Ebbelwei) and you tell her: Yeah, NOW is the opportunity, now I have to do it. With you! :-)

And so, I have to admit, I had an amazing Time with german music which always matched with the hoods we drove through (WTF?!), some nice asians in back, a jerking Ebbelwei Express (sometimes I thougt we would run off the rails, but this tram was so annoying slowly). It was a big loud, this ride, but it was funny too. And the best thing to do on a Sunday if you have a little of a hangover ... :-)))

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