Freitag, 30. Juli 2010

Interessantes Projekt

Hier habe ich ein ganz interessantes Projekt gefunden! Das könnte ich mir echt gut zum Nachahmen vorstellen...

Nowhere / Now here – places reveal their identity

A place can be completely unimpressive for the rest of the world, while for someone it is the most special place on earth. Wouldn’t wandering through the world be much more interesting if we knew some of those places?

A simple parkbench in Paris could be slightly more interesting if we knew that this was exactly the bench where one of our Lab contributors was kissing a girl or a boy for the first time. A dodgy bar in East-London would probably be more exciting to visit if we knew that another contributor comes here every week to draw the people into her sketchbook. Maybe we can meet her and have a look at her sketches.

World Identity Lab believes that a place which is either strongly connected to a certain experience of our life, or makes us feel different everytime we are there, becomes a part of our identity. Hence we might say that we become a part of the place’s identity.

The Lab’s aim is to create a very personal online-map with special places of our contributors worldwide to share. Therefor the places should be easy accessible for everyone. Contributors then can visit the places and share their own experiences they had on the labsite.

a.) Send us 2 – 5 photographs of your special place.
(If you have more places – fine!)

b.) Answer following questions:
1. Name of place (respectively the name you call the place)

2. Where is it exactly

3. How do you get there

4. Why is it so special for you

If you already are a mighty World Identity Lab contributor you know how to submit your work. If not, please follow the instructions on how to become a mighty contributor in only 4 steps on your right hand side.

Cheers! We can’t wait to see your contribution!
Florian and the World Identity Lab-Team

Auf dieser Seite ist ein schönes Beispiel zu sehen! So hop hop!

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